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Christmas Trivia #12

Christmas Trivia #12

Christmas Carols Who wrote the Christmas Hymn O Little Town of Bethlehem ?

Stocking Stuffers How much extra trash is created each year between American Thanksgiving and New Year;s Day?

Holiday traditions A Christmas Carol was Charles Dickens best known Christmas Story . How many Christmas books did he write altogether?

Christmas movies Who directed the 1985 made for television movie The Fourth Wise Man?

North Pole A Christmas tree stood in Senate Square of Helsinki since 1890, 1910 or 1930?


Christmas Trivia #10

Christmas Trivia # 10 

Christmas Carols Who sang the original 1946 version of The Christmas Song?

Stocking Stuffers Who Christmas at Fontaine 1982?

Holiday Traditions When does Advent being and when does it end?

Christmas Movies Who does Bing Crosby team up with in the 1954 classic White Christmas?

North Pole What Name was given to evergreens decorated with the apples in the meddle ages?


Answers to Trivia #9

O Little Town of Bethlehem, 84%, A Charlie Brown tree, Beau Bridges , Brussels.

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