Welcome home to the Mari times! As a true Mari timer, I created this website to share my experiences as a traveller both at home and abroad. Be it Spain, India, or Canada, I hope to bring my travels to life from my unique perspective.  Recently my husband and I travelled back to Spain and India to see our two children and two grandchildren. I am so thankful I am able to go and visit them . So many people have said to me how did you allow them to live so far away from home. I just reply , “I am so glad they have found what they want and where they want it, and this allows me and my husband to travel and explore places we probably would never have gone before.Many people say ” why did you allow them to move away so far, really , what right do I have to tell my children not to go out and explore and experience life. So I say cut those apron strings and let your chick- lets fly.

I also have opened this page to publish online my memoirs which will allow people to see who I really am. I have travelled alot in my own growing up years and done many things some I am proud of and others well mediocre. I don’t really like to lead a mediocre existence. I believe in the expression,”Life is not a dress rehearsal”  we need to grab the bull by the horns and live life. we are only passing down this road but once so make it momentous. Many of my friends will agree I have done this so far and there are many more things left on my “Bucket List” so hop on and hop off as you feel the need and enjoy the road less travelled by many a reader.

the famous Peggy’s Cove.

Hugs! Marilyn


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