am I too old to have a dog?

When are we too old to have a dog? Getting a Puppy at any age?   I got myself puppy at retirement age and have found him to be great company for me. Even though he is such a handful. I have had someone make comments on how much of a job and commitment it is to do this at my age. Oscar has been great companion for me since I am along now and he is such great company and giving me lots of exercise. Now I can exercise at least twice a week and just wear him out. I am trying to exercise to get prepared to go for the Marathon in San Francisco. It is another challenge and to walk on my own is a challenge, you just never know if there will be some who doesn’t care for the dogs. About a month ago I was walking in the park allowing Oscar to run and play  get his energy to wear out when there was a young boy who loved playing with Oscar and they were having a great time and then the little boy tripped and fell. And he started to cry and of course the mother became frantic about   how Oscar made him cry. Well Oscar did touch the little boy and the mother said she would take my picture and call the police and would make sure they knew all about the horrible difficult dog. I volunteered to allow her to take my picture and made a big smile and then she was talking to the RCMP as she said but wouldn’t allow them to talk to me. So I took off for home so she wouldn’t follow me home. She did follow my friend home who was with me and tried to found out where I lived. Instead I made it home and she didn’t find out where I lived. The mother called the dog catcher and went to see the friend whom I was walking with and wanted me to get in touch with her.   So I didn’t ever see these people again. I think they were visiting someone around here. Oscar has never bit anyone he has been such a great little friend and company for me. I need to say age doesn’t matter. I find him to tie me down sometimes. I initially bought him so we could let him be company on my acreage at the lovely log house in Boundary Creek New Brunswick. Someday I will return there again and keep me company there. So age doesn’t matter to me.  Age is just a number.sorry about making you stand on your head. technology!!This is grandma and her puppy dog. Oscar

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