Another fundraising tour.

Another fundraising tour.

This little blog story is about one of my amazing daughters. This is about my daughter Jessica who is on route as I write this to Australia to meet up with some long-time friends she had met and worked with in Taiwan and also in Varanasi India where she spends most of her life. She is planning to fundraise for the Jeevan School in Varanasi. She had been on a fundraising tour last year where she took in most of British Columbia, and then went over to Europe and stopped off in Iceland to visit our other amazing daughter Karen who lives there now with her daughter. She later went to China and did a tour there. She did very well for the school. She has a routine of telling the story of the school and it inception and then plays some songs on her ukulele and sings.

I will keep you informed of her progress as she starts on this journey. Her first stop is Melbourne.

I include this picture of Jessica with her grandmother since she thinks the world of her. Every time she leaves Vancouver she thinks it is the last time she will she grandma, but Grandma always says ” Jessica I will be right here when you return.”  Grandma turns 90 on Monday, January 29th so it is very exciting.

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  1. Sandy Crawford says:

    Your girls are both so accomplished; so full of a passion for life. I know you are very proud of them.

    1. admin says:

      this is so true my friend of mine

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