Comedy of errors

Comedy of Errors.

History had repeated itself. This happened 41 years ago in Viking Alberta. We were living 7 miles outside of the town of Viking in what was known as the Gas Camp, it was a group of houses that were part of the Northwestern Utilities housing and we were fortunate enough to be able to rent one since there was no place to live in the actual town. So, this daylight saying time went as about the same as above but I was pregnant with our second child ( who is now 40) and we got up and dressed for 11 am church and journeyed into town our 2-year-old was sitting good in her car seat and when we arrived to the church there was no one in sight. Well, we thought we are not going back home it was too far so we ventured to the local playground and played there until the church was open. Another hilarious moment in the life of the little family
Well it happened again this year as it does every year. Before you go to bed on the eve of putting your clock back I forgot to do just that. So we always go to 08.30 am church on Sunday mornings so we do our usual ritual we get up shower make coffee and my husband walks the dog. We were all ready and headed for the car. At this point, I thought I would check if anyone sent a message on the messenger. Whoa, the time was only 07.15 am. Well, I broke out into wails of laughter. we got back into the apartment and put in time doing some Spanish practice. I am still laughing about this.
Today we asked my parents for supper and didn’t hear back what the answer was since I was having a cat nap and didn’t hear the phone so a few minutes before the food was to go on the table the buzzer rang. This isn’t the funny part. I usually go down to the underground and let my dad parked the car underneath, so mom can take the elevator right up to the top and not have to use the very high front stairs. I ran down drove the car out to the back parking lot and jumped out the car after parking it and grabbed what I thought were the car keys and locked the door. Oops it was just the underground key the door was locked, and the car was still running, and my parents were in the underground not able to get out or up so I had to run around the building get buzzed in and get the other set of keys. What a crazy night and day. I think this was all because it was Daylight Saving. I am sure the stars were out of kilter.
The best kind of laughter is that which you laugh at yourself. You must be able to laugh at yourself. It is very gut-wrenching.
Good for the soul laughter.

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