Guess who’s coming to Dinner??



Guess who’s Coming to Dinner?

When we here this title of a story generally we think of the movie with Sydney Portier and Katherine Ross. But it does have a totally different connotation for me lately. We attend a local Anglican church and twice a year the social committee organizes an evening of Guess Who is coming to Dinner? But it is a little different. There are many hosts and then there are the mysterious guests. So when we volunteer to host we do not know the people who are going to come to your house until they ring the door bell.

This was the third dinner I was involved in and the second time I volunteered to host. I wasn’t going to host since my husband was out of  town and didn’t want him to miss the fun. But it turned out that one of the single ladies in the parish was going to be my wife for the night. It was great. She was great moral support and also brought the ingredients for Avocado Chocolate pudding. It was vegan and delicious.

The people that were destined to come to my place were gluten free as well so that made it easy to cook for. I made two kinds of pasta(gluten free) one with pesto sauce and one with tomato basil sauce.

I also made the most amazing mixture of roasted veggies to go along with the pasta and some giant prawns. Which I thought would have been more of a hit but not. So it means I will have more for leftovers for Monday night supper.

The whole point of Guess who is coming to dinner is to have the congregation mix about with those whom we wouldn’t  see unless we went to the same service.I had met the group of four and two of them had been here before but it just made it more of an event .Everyone go along well and the highlight of the evening was one of the ladies writes stories and she read several to us . They were very entertaining about her life growing up across Canada and living in small train stations.

You gotta love the Guess who’s coming to dinner.


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