On my way to the Pharmacy

On my way to the Pharmacy Today


When I got up this morning to take my anti-biotic, I could not find it. I looked high and low several times. So, I finally had to call the pharmacy and see if they could at least refill the last three days. She was very obliging and was willing to refilling the last three days. It is so important to complete all of them to kill the bugs in my body. On my way there I past by one pharmacy and outside there was a line up with about 20 people waiting to pick up their daily dose for their methadone. I smiled and drove on to my pharmacy, Save on foods. As I was picking up and paying for my capsules, I noticed another sign that spoke of the methadone program at this pharmacy. I asked the lovely lady if they dispensed the methadone here as well. She said affirmatively to the information. She was an advocate for the program it was so apparent. She believes that those seeking the methadone are given an opportunity to turn their life around with this drug.

This is when we both got into a conversation about how we felt about the individuals who found themselves in the situation or better still the lifestyle of drug addicts. I shared at this time that I so agreed that the drug addicts didn’t wake up one day and say “ I am going to be a drug addict.” There were so many negative circumstances that led them to the path they had taken. No one asked for this. We both said almost unanimously “these/those people were someone’s child at one time.

It is so true for all of us oh for the Grace of God do I go each day. We have no right to judge others so please look at others as if looking into a mirror image of ourselves. Judge yourself first.

I am thankful every moment of everyday for the parents and life I was granted. It certainly could have been much different.

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