Three amigos make Indian Food

What a fantastic time the Three amigos had today. In the middle of October, we went to a fundraiser for Basic Human Needs a school and hostel project in India, Varanasi. I bid on a meal for four people and cooking lessons. Indian style. I had to pay for the food as well, but it was certainly wroth it.

Akash our experienced Indian food chef and world traveller was ready for the three Amigos when we rang the door bell at 11.00. she had prepared quite a lot prior to our arrival so it did make it easier to maneuver in the kitchen. Talk about a kitchen what a kitchen. An island in the center and you can walk around it with the greatest of ease. That make me think of the kitchen I now have two people can barely be in the kitchen at the same time, so we really enjoyed being in Akash’s kitchen.

We had talked a little on the phone but most of the preparation for our arrival was done over the email.

We had it all organized then on Wednesday Akash emailed saying she would have to cancel because she had contracted a flu bug so would it be possible for us to come the following week. So I scrambled quickly to the computer and fired off a message to the third amigo and Mary and Doug. The three were okay with changing the date so we rebooked to January 26th the following Saturday. Well about three hours later I received another email from Akash and she said can we change back to the 19th January she was feeling better. So off I go to the mighty computer and tell everyone we could once again come on the 19th. All was good.

Well Saturday the 19th January rolls around and at 6.30 am the three of us receive an email from Doug and Mary, Mary has the flu the two of them won’t be coming. So this little outing we had planned since October 2018 was starting to resemble a “Dog and Pony Show”. I thought what we should do. Cancel?  Call someone else to fill the spaces? What to do?

So I first made the decision to carry out regardless. Then I thought oh I will call a friend Roylene and see if her and Charles would like to join us for the experience. Well that was a no! neither of them like Indian food in particular. So Sandy, the third amigo said she would call her friend Barb and see if she would like to come.  That too was a no, her grandchildren we being dropped off so she was busy. The results were The Three Amigos do it again and Have a great time as usual.


Akash was a great teacher and provided some great resources to  take home . we all got involved in the preparation of the meal and the appetizers. We had pakora, retia , tamarin dip , and papa don thin bread made from mung bean.

The menu included curried cauliflower, eggplant with potatoes, another curry dish , pumpkin curry, dahl basmati rice . there was even some wonderful fresh mango for our desert. We didn’t get to eat it so I brought it home.


A great big thank you from the Three Amigos. For a wonderful lunch.


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