Were you a nurse before a doctor?

Were you a Nurse before  a doctor?


Today we had a scheduled appointment for an internist for my husband. He saw a specialist on Wednesday after having a chest scan the day before. The reason for the scan was to rule out any other complications. Well when we arrived at the thoracic surgeons office she started out from the get go saying? why are you here? You are very sick and your scan shows you either have pneumonia or cancer. There are many spots on your lungs . you need to go to your family doctor. I can not help you I am a surgeon. So we left thinking doom and gloom we might as well plan our last days. Phew. So when we got home we made an appointment to see our family doctor Dr. Hsu(Su) and we told him what had happened he was really quick to react and gave us instructions and some strong antibiotics . Then when we got home from this appointment my husband received another phone call from the internist who said to get the blood work done asap and then let her know that it was done and report to her office on Saturday morning at 9am.

Today was absolutely amazing interview. So impressed with this doctor.She covered everything. What a detail doctor. She asked my husband’s history all the way back to the time he came from England as a young toddler. How much did he smoke when did he stop? She even did her own EKG test. She ordered some very investigative tests to be done in the near future. My husband had a scan of his thoracic area, that would be chest to the layman reading this rant. The results showed some spots that were of grave concern they were not from pneumonia but that will remain to be seen.

So needless to say I was very impressed with this doctor. Before we left she had me a few requisitions and a business card for herself. At the bottom there was her name of course and then M.D. BScN, then Frpc . I looked at her and said “ were you a nurse first?” she looked back at me and said “not many people notice that. I have worked with a few nurses in my working years that had become doctors after they had a few years experience as a nurse. Very impressive. We just have to sit back and be patient for the results of all the lab work.


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