When is the right time to retire?

When should I really retire?

I retired when I was 61 and then went back to work about 4 months later. Then have worked ever since. I am 70 now and keep thinking I need to finally retire for real. But why should I? I do enjoy getting the pay check. My pension is surely nothing to sneeze at!! In fact, is it really quite pathetic to say the least? How can I survive until I am 97? That is when I plan to leave this earth for the next journey in store for me. So, I need to discover something amazing to provide for me and my wonderful kind and ever so patient husband. He does have to put up with a lot of nonsense with me. But then again it is all part of the journey. It has been a ride we will never forget that is for sure. I do believe also that we shouldn’t worry about tomorrow for it may never arrive. So why oh why am I fretting about the next 27 years anyway. Human nature that is all it can be.

To change the topic a little I met a lovely little lady and I mean little about 4’ 10” tall who was travelling with her daughter. They had been over to Victoria for the day and we talking about Moncton, NB and of course my ear perked up “ have you been to Moncton? “ oh we used to live there , moved out to the coast in 1960.  Then our conversation went from there. She said her daughter had come to Richmond from Golden British Colombia to help her get her condo ready for the summer . The lovely little lady said she was all ready for spring and now she was ready to go back to work. I asked her what she did for work?  She replied saying she was a music teacher. I asked her bluntly “How old are you?”  she very proudly replied “ 84”  I was somewhat aghast she is still working she is so spunky I was so impressed by this lady. I didn’t feel like conceding to the masses who thought I was too old to work or the one’s who think I am working for all the wrong reasons. The reasons I am working is simply to supplement my pension . But I will work until I stop . so if we feel we have to work until we are only 65 then we are working for what ever reason we choose. I say do what you feel is right for you. Make yourself happy.

I put my hat off to this wonderful little woman who is working at the age of 84. I have no idea if she needs to work for financial reasons but she is loving what she is doing. That is when I will retire just watch me.

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