Where did my parents make a wrong turn?

Where did my parents make a wrong turn? my Sunday Rant.


I get so frustrated some days. I enjoy my parents’ company and I think they in turn enjoy mine. We do and have done a lot together over the years. We travelled to Hawaii a couple of times, the first time I went I was three months pregnant with our first daughter and my brother went and my husband stayed home. He couldn’t get the time off. He was working for his father at the time. The next time we went as a couple with my parents, and we did go on our first cruise with them. We have done more trips but that is just the few I will mention. Now my brother and his family have never gone with them. He has been married three times. None of the wives have gone away with them. The parents have done a lot for all of them. I don’t know why he is like that. Now that they need extra help where is my brother and his family.?? No where to be found. He has two children neither of whom call or visit their grandparents. My children are not around anymore they both live in far away places but were around until they were in their 20’s and did visit and help out. My children are many years older than my brother’s.. It make me smile they the grandchildren are so into scouts and I thought I must be wrong but I was sure scouts were supposed to help others in need. We, my husband and I, are in our early 70’s and selfishly we want to go away on a long holiday to visit our grandchildren but fear for the safely of my parents. My brother says, “I call every morning? “ what the heck does that do go and see them help them with their groceries. I put it in the hands of prayer and hope they will be alright.

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