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Kanaka Park 2019

this is close to where we laded our canoes one year previous.

Once again I wanted to go to check out the Park but from other side as picnicker. We drove across the Golden Ears Bridge making our way along the Lougheed highway through Maple Ridge. The difference was it was just me and my husband , on a day trip. We took our lunch too. But — we didn’t have to stand out in the rain. We ventured along the trail under a bridge through the brambles and the wild flowers. it was a lovely day on Sunday of the second week of May.

We didn’t have Oscar the dog with us, he was left home since it was so hot and didn’t want him to swelter in the back of the car.

We had a lovely afternoon . Very few people around made it even more special. this was the same location we had canoes a year ago with the Fort Langley Canoe paddlers.

Kanaka Park 2018

There are many wonderful parks in the Lower Mainland and one of the happens to be Kanaka Park. there happens to be a entrance by canoe from the mighty Fraser River. One Saturday last spring we, the canoe club, went on a field day with our lunches and it was rain or shine. We all took something to share with others for our picnic when we arrived at our destination. Well as luck would have it it did rain all the way from the docks in Fort Langley to the dock up the river at Kanaka Park. There were about 27 ladies , we had 3 canoes, the voyager kind.

the bench seat says it all. we couldn’t even sit down . some of the ladies contemplated eating in the lavatory.

We meandered up the river, like we were going down the Mississippi River delta with the branches hanging low and there were very spooky noises too. the river got very shallow as we got closer to the dock. We were all soaked to the bone. No one fell out of the boat. We were pretty good paddlers. The lunch that we had was phenomenal. The amazing thing was we could only bring a small satchel or back pack we were packed into the boat as it was so couldn’t have much more weight. there were salads , devilled eggs and even maple fudge.

This was a great day even if we got wet. I would definitely do it again, even in the rain.

Were you a nurse before a doctor?

Were you a Nurse before  a doctor?


Today we had a scheduled appointment for an internist for my husband. He saw a specialist on Wednesday after having a chest scan the day before. The reason for the scan was to rule out any other complications. Well when we arrived at the thoracic surgeons office she started out from the get go saying? why are you here? You are very sick and your scan shows you either have pneumonia or cancer. There are many spots on your lungs . you need to go to your family doctor. I can not help you I am a surgeon. So we left thinking doom and gloom we might as well plan our last days. Phew. So when we got home we made an appointment to see our family doctor Dr. Hsu(Su) and we told him what had happened he was really quick to react and gave us instructions and some strong antibiotics . Then when we got home from this appointment my husband received another phone call from the internist who said to get the blood work done asap and then let her know that it was done and report to her office on Saturday morning at 9am.

Today was absolutely amazing interview. So impressed with this doctor.She covered everything. What a detail doctor. She asked my husband’s history all the way back to the time he came from England as a young toddler. How much did he smoke when did he stop? She even did her own EKG test. She ordered some very investigative tests to be done in the near future. My husband had a scan of his thoracic area, that would be chest to the layman reading this rant. The results showed some spots that were of grave concern they were not from pneumonia but that will remain to be seen.

So needless to say I was very impressed with this doctor. Before we left she had me a few requisitions and a business card for herself. At the bottom there was her name of course and then M.D. BScN, then Frpc . I looked at her and said “ were you a nurse first?” she looked back at me and said “not many people notice that. I have worked with a few nurses in my working years that had become doctors after they had a few years experience as a nurse. Very impressive. We just have to sit back and be patient for the results of all the lab work.


On my way to the Pharmacy

On my way to the Pharmacy Today


When I got up this morning to take my anti-biotic, I could not find it. I looked high and low several times. So, I finally had to call the pharmacy and see if they could at least refill the last three days. She was very obliging and was willing to refilling the last three days. It is so important to complete all of them to kill the bugs in my body. On my way there I past by one pharmacy and outside there was a line up with about 20 people waiting to pick up their daily dose for their methadone. I smiled and drove on to my pharmacy, Save on foods. As I was picking up and paying for my capsules, I noticed another sign that spoke of the methadone program at this pharmacy. I asked the lovely lady if they dispensed the methadone here as well. She said affirmatively to the information. She was an advocate for the program it was so apparent. She believes that those seeking the methadone are given an opportunity to turn their life around with this drug.

This is when we both got into a conversation about how we felt about the individuals who found themselves in the situation or better still the lifestyle of drug addicts. I shared at this time that I so agreed that the drug addicts didn’t wake up one day and say “ I am going to be a drug addict.” There were so many negative circumstances that led them to the path they had taken. No one asked for this. We both said almost unanimously “these/those people were someone’s child at one time.

It is so true for all of us oh for the Grace of God do I go each day. We have no right to judge others so please look at others as if looking into a mirror image of ourselves. Judge yourself first.

I am thankful every moment of everyday for the parents and life I was granted. It certainly could have been much different.

How to receive a compliment gracefully



Recently I completed two degrees over a period of time.  I know it was very exhausting and time consuming but I just plugged away and away and finally got it done. Now I was only doing this for my own gratification and then someone at work got wind of it and told a few people and now a lot of people are aware . I am proud of what I have done but finding it difficult to accent the praise. Now I am Dr. Sue, Certified counsellor also have a masters in Theology so I am ready to take on clients who need help and guidance.





Guess who’s coming to Dinner??



Guess who’s Coming to Dinner?

When we here this title of a story generally we think of the movie with Sydney Portier and Katherine Ross. But it does have a totally different connotation for me lately. We attend a local Anglican church and twice a year the social committee organizes an evening of Guess Who is coming to Dinner? But it is a little different. There are many hosts and then there are the mysterious guests. So when we volunteer to host we do not know the people who are going to come to your house until they ring the door bell.

This was the third dinner I was involved in and the second time I volunteered to host. I wasn’t going to host since my husband was out of  town and didn’t want him to miss the fun. But it turned out that one of the single ladies in the parish was going to be my wife for the night. It was great. She was great moral support and also brought the ingredients for Avocado Chocolate pudding. It was vegan and delicious.

The people that were destined to come to my place were gluten free as well so that made it easy to cook for. I made two kinds of pasta(gluten free) one with pesto sauce and one with tomato basil sauce.

I also made the most amazing mixture of roasted veggies to go along with the pasta and some giant prawns. Which I thought would have been more of a hit but not. So it means I will have more for leftovers for Monday night supper.

The whole point of Guess who is coming to dinner is to have the congregation mix about with those whom we wouldn’t  see unless we went to the same service.I had met the group of four and two of them had been here before but it just made it more of an event .Everyone go along well and the highlight of the evening was one of the ladies writes stories and she read several to us . They were very entertaining about her life growing up across Canada and living in small train stations.

You gotta love the Guess who’s coming to dinner.


When is the right time to retire?

When should I really retire?

I retired when I was 61 and then went back to work about 4 months later. Then have worked ever since. I am 70 now and keep thinking I need to finally retire for real. But why should I? I do enjoy getting the pay check. My pension is surely nothing to sneeze at!! In fact, is it really quite pathetic to say the least? How can I survive until I am 97? That is when I plan to leave this earth for the next journey in store for me. So, I need to discover something amazing to provide for me and my wonderful kind and ever so patient husband. He does have to put up with a lot of nonsense with me. But then again it is all part of the journey. It has been a ride we will never forget that is for sure. I do believe also that we shouldn’t worry about tomorrow for it may never arrive. So why oh why am I fretting about the next 27 years anyway. Human nature that is all it can be.

To change the topic a little I met a lovely little lady and I mean little about 4’ 10” tall who was travelling with her daughter. They had been over to Victoria for the day and we talking about Moncton, NB and of course my ear perked up “ have you been to Moncton? “ oh we used to live there , moved out to the coast in 1960.  Then our conversation went from there. She said her daughter had come to Richmond from Golden British Colombia to help her get her condo ready for the summer . The lovely little lady said she was all ready for spring and now she was ready to go back to work. I asked her what she did for work?  She replied saying she was a music teacher. I asked her bluntly “How old are you?”  she very proudly replied “ 84”  I was somewhat aghast she is still working she is so spunky I was so impressed by this lady. I didn’t feel like conceding to the masses who thought I was too old to work or the one’s who think I am working for all the wrong reasons. The reasons I am working is simply to supplement my pension . But I will work until I stop . so if we feel we have to work until we are only 65 then we are working for what ever reason we choose. I say do what you feel is right for you. Make yourself happy.

I put my hat off to this wonderful little woman who is working at the age of 84. I have no idea if she needs to work for financial reasons but she is loving what she is doing. That is when I will retire just watch me.

Three amigos make Indian Food

What a fantastic time the Three amigos had today. In the middle of October, we went to a fundraiser for Basic Human Needs a school and hostel project in India, Varanasi. I bid on a meal for four people and cooking lessons. Indian style. I had to pay for the food as well, but it was certainly wroth it.

Akash our experienced Indian food chef and world traveller was ready for the three Amigos when we rang the door bell at 11.00. she had prepared quite a lot prior to our arrival so it did make it easier to maneuver in the kitchen. Talk about a kitchen what a kitchen. An island in the center and you can walk around it with the greatest of ease. That make me think of the kitchen I now have two people can barely be in the kitchen at the same time, so we really enjoyed being in Akash’s kitchen.

We had talked a little on the phone but most of the preparation for our arrival was done over the email.

We had it all organized then on Wednesday Akash emailed saying she would have to cancel because she had contracted a flu bug so would it be possible for us to come the following week. So I scrambled quickly to the computer and fired off a message to the third amigo and Mary and Doug. The three were okay with changing the date so we rebooked to January 26th the following Saturday. Well about three hours later I received another email from Akash and she said can we change back to the 19th January she was feeling better. So off I go to the mighty computer and tell everyone we could once again come on the 19th. All was good.

Well Saturday the 19th January rolls around and at 6.30 am the three of us receive an email from Doug and Mary, Mary has the flu the two of them won’t be coming. So this little outing we had planned since October 2018 was starting to resemble a “Dog and Pony Show”. I thought what we should do. Cancel?  Call someone else to fill the spaces? What to do?

So I first made the decision to carry out regardless. Then I thought oh I will call a friend Roylene and see if her and Charles would like to join us for the experience. Well that was a no! neither of them like Indian food in particular. So Sandy, the third amigo said she would call her friend Barb and see if she would like to come.  That too was a no, her grandchildren we being dropped off so she was busy. The results were The Three Amigos do it again and Have a great time as usual.


Akash was a great teacher and provided some great resources to  take home . we all got involved in the preparation of the meal and the appetizers. We had pakora, retia , tamarin dip , and papa don thin bread made from mung bean.

The menu included curried cauliflower, eggplant with potatoes, another curry dish , pumpkin curry, dahl basmati rice . there was even some wonderful fresh mango for our desert. We didn’t get to eat it so I brought it home.


A great big thank you from the Three Amigos. For a wonderful lunch.


What is Retirement?



Almost retired!!


This past summer  we had the great pleasure to take my parents out for lunch to the New Westminster Quay.It is the retirement people from Pilkington Glass where my father had worked for many years and supported his family in a great way. I am truly thankful to him and Pilkington Glass which technically doesn’t exist except for the pension and charity offices in St. Helen’s England which is about 25 minutes by car from Liverpool.  One of the people in attendance was a Mr. Morgan from Liverpool and he works on the pensions and finances. Lovely man looked amazingly like one of my favorite British singers, Phil Collins.

The meal was lovely I had a crab cob salad. Everyone’s meal was exquisite. The people who attended were very few I might add there are very few left of the crew who worked for the original Pilks as my dad calls it sometimes.  A lady Christine Clinton, no relationship to Bill. Flew in from Peterborough Ontario and another lady who lives in Surrey and one other from Burnaby. There are quite a few more but they are too frail to make the journey to the luncheon.  We did manage to locate a wife of an old work mate of my dad’s Charlotte she is still living and is 95 in Montreal. And another one who usually comes is now 100 years old and lives in Richmond so he couldn’t make it.

It is wonderful that these few people keep in touch with each other which we all need to keep in mind as we move on and seek other jobs and friendships, don’t forget those whom we have spent time with over the years we may need these people even if it is just to say hi and have some to talk to.

Thanks Dad for a lovely afternoon and for the wonderful lunch out with some new acquaintances

A little note on the side bar is to say I am so looking forward to spending time with Isis.



am I too old to have a dog?

When are we too old to have a dog? Getting a Puppy at any age?   I got myself puppy at retirement age and have found him to be great company for me. Even though he is such a handful. I have had someone make comments on how much of a job and commitment it is to do this at my age. Oscar has been great companion for me since I am along now and he is such great company and giving me lots of exercise. Now I can exercise at least twice a week and just wear him out. I am trying to exercise to get prepared to go for the Marathon in San Francisco. It is another challenge and to walk on my own is a challenge, you just never know if there will be some who doesn’t care for the dogs. About a month ago I was walking in the park allowing Oscar to run and play  get his energy to wear out when there was a young boy who loved playing with Oscar and they were having a great time and then the little boy tripped and fell. And he started to cry and of course the mother became frantic about   how Oscar made him cry. Well Oscar did touch the little boy and the mother said she would take my picture and call the police and would make sure they knew all about the horrible difficult dog. I volunteered to allow her to take my picture and made a big smile and then she was talking to the RCMP as she said but wouldn’t allow them to talk to me. So I took off for home so she wouldn’t follow me home. She did follow my friend home who was with me and tried to found out where I lived. Instead I made it home and she didn’t find out where I lived. The mother called the dog catcher and went to see the friend whom I was walking with and wanted me to get in touch with her.   So I didn’t ever see these people again. I think they were visiting someone around here. Oscar has never bit anyone he has been such a great little friend and company for me. I need to say age doesn’t matter. I find him to tie me down sometimes. I initially bought him so we could let him be company on my acreage at the lovely log house in Boundary Creek New Brunswick. Someday I will return there again and keep me company there. So age doesn’t matter to me.  Age is just a number.sorry about making you stand on your head. technology!!This is grandma and her puppy dog. Oscar

For those who love us

I read this funny little poem in the church newspaper today and thought I should share it with my loyal readers.Titled FOR THOSE WHO LOVE US.

May those who love us always love us.

And those who don’t love us May God turn their hearts.

And if He doesn’t turn their hearts

May He turn their ankles

So we’ll know them by their limping.

Author unknown but had to share.


Bucket List

Selfishly I got to mark another “thing” off my bucket list. I had never been asked to stand up for anyone in their wedding party and here today I was the “Matron” of honor. Go Figure.  It was a wonderful service; the music was ideal and the amount of people present just right. Two of my favorite hymns , Amazing Grace and How Great thou art. Both of them bring tears to my eyes. Luckily, I remembered to pocket a tissue.

The numbers at the wedding were initially going to be the Tuesday Morning Service groupies and that is how we all became so close. My dad read the prayers of the People at the ceremony, Erika read the bible reading and Joan and David, after they were united in Marriage assisted with communion. It was all very beautiful.

This couple, individually, one divorced and the other widowed became friends through their going to the same church. David is a business owner, and Joan is retired nurse. She is a graduate of St. Pauls’ school of nursing and she became a widow about a year ago,. She has 6 children, one came to the wedding ceremony. I guess they had their reasons.  We are not supposed to judge one another, we are to be mindful of each other’s feelings and needs and respect them. So, that is something they will have to deal with over time. Now the groom Michael is almost young enough to be Ann’s son, so age is just a number. They share so much in common and appreciate each other’s interests.

Not everyone has this sort of item on a bucket list . It is usually a trip to an exotic location or meet some celebrity but this was something I never thought would happen since I am after all a senior citizen.

Here are a few of the things and places to go on my bucket list

  • Trip to Rio De Janerio
  • Move into my house in New Brunswick
  • Go to Spain for 5 months of the year
  • Help my grandson come over to Canada for a visit.

These are just a few . I have many more but not willing to share with you at this point and time.




Festivals in Spains

While we were in Spain this year we were part of the Virgen of The Candalaria  festival which tool place Feb. 4th. here is a overview of that day.

Festival of the Virgin of the Candelaria

Feb. 4th, 2018 Colmenar ,Malaga.

The drive inland from Malaga city, in the Antequera/Granada direction, takes you on a journey to the real Andalucia. Colmenar is one of the most important villages in this area, being the Capital of the Malaga Mountain villages. It is just 35 kilometers inland from Malaga, on the ‘Carretera de Colmenar’, a road that cuts and winds up through the Malaga Mountains, until you reach the village at 696 meters above sea level.

As with many villages in Andalucia, Colmenar was taken over by the Christians in the 15th century. Before that, it had been in the hands of the Romans and then the Moors. 1560 is an important date in its history because it was during the summer of that year that the boundaries were marked out, covering a total area of 65,50 Km2. Since then its administrative importance as capital of the Montes de Malaga has evolved into what it is today, with a resident population of over 3,000.

At the main entrance to Colmenar, you see the welcoming “Puerta de La Cruz” monument, which bears the town’s coat of arms, showing a beehive with seven bees flying above it (‘Colmenar’ means apiary or beehive). There is also an artistic scene depicted from 1488 when the village was taken over by Francisco de Coalla from Hamet el Zuque. As you carry on right into the heart of the town you can see that you are surrounded by hills, which have kept the expansion of the small town under control and now create a beautiful natural backdrop.



It is well worth a walk up to the highest point of the village, at the Convent of the Virgin of La Candelaria(also known as the ‘Ermita’ (hermitage) de la Candelaria). From the viewpoints, you can see the Tajo and Doña Ana gorges and looking to the right is the Sierra Nevada, snow capped in the colder months. The story is that this 17th century convent was built as a token of gratitude from a group of fishermen who were miraculously saved from death during a terrible storm off the shores of Malaga. The plasterwork in the vault reflects the mannerist design of that era. In a niche, you can see an image of La Candelaria, the patron saint of Colmenar.

It is also recommended to visit the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción. Built in the 16th century, there are signs of Arab influence in its architecture, especially in the three aisles with very high ceilings and separated by arches on square pillars.


One of the delights of Andalucia is to sample the cuisine in the local bars or restaurants. “Garbanzos” is a traditional dish of chickpeas cooked in stock and is a good choice in the colder months. During summer, the chilled gazpacho is refreshing and full of vitamins. “Tortilla de habas” (broad bean omelette) is another specialty worth trying. A glass of local wine will add to the country flavour of your meal. Take away some natural Colmenar honey, which is certainly the best in the area.


Virgen de la Candelaria
Fiesta in honour of the Patron Saint, at the beginning of February every year. .


Memory lane

Memory Lane.


Today my husband and I decided to drive across to the USA on a whim. We decided we would drive up to Mt. Baker and see our old cabin we as a family owned for over 15 years. So before we could even leave the house we had to locate our passports, check, then we had to find the papers for Oscar so we could take him along too. We first could only find the ones that were outdated in 2015 and then I had a light bulb go off in my head, we had rabies papers from our trip to Spain in 2015 . Voila we found them so we were off and running to the Aldergrove border.


The most dreaded part of going over the border is the long wait at the border. Well the stars were aligned for us today there was only one car in front of us. The border guard was very vigilant and checked us out thoroughly and even eyed the dog up and down..He withheld his loud bark this time. And the guard got a big smile from Oscar and he told us to be on our way.


The drive up to Mt. Baker  was truly memorial . There were many changes along the way. The forests had grown up and filed out in all the right places. The pottey store was closed up tighter than a drum ,the sign “Cloudy Mountain “ was painted over.Then as we drove by the Paradise Mews it looked as rough and as downtrodden as ever.  As we slid on through Maple Falls there were many changes  the service station was all grown up into a restaurant and a deli as well as a service station.


We finally arrived at our destination of Mt. Baker Rim and we parked the car across the road from the sign and leased up Oscar and went for a walk into the Rim. There was a gate to stopped those people who were not members from driving into the grounds so we had a lovely walk. There were so many new cabins on our route to our cabin which was across from the pool and tennis courts. I was so hoping that there was no on home so we could walk up to the cabin and see how the yard was changed. The cabin was green when we had it and now it had been painted blue, looked alright. And then we walked by my parents old cabin. The new owners had done a lot of changes to the cabin put a roof over the side deck.


We came away after walking the entire Rim  saying “ you can’t go back” the words of a dear friend of mine. It is how we both felt after seeing the place. We have moved on. We would love to another cabin but this was not the place.


It was a great afternoon and Oscar got to walk about the Rim with us. Memories are just that memories.

She found Uncle Vincent

Uncle Vincent.!!

Little sisters of the Poor


This is the name of the car home where Uncle Vincent lived during his last years of his life. We always thought he died a few years after Jessica was born but we found out today from Jessica that he died in 1990. She was on a outing to a speaking engagement to an elementary school to talk about her project in India and on the way home she found the “Little Sisters of the Poor care home. Well what luck was this . She thought she would just check out what happened to Uncle Vincent.

I am very visual and when she told me what had happened all I could see were these two nuns dressed in white habits escorting Jessica out of the convent. She said they were very quick to tell her the information and whisked out of the building. There was on lovely Irish woman at the reception who was helpful but even her gave her information and said” You had better leave now” We may never know what that was all about. It sounds pretty funny. Something out of a stand-up comedy routine. Or the flying nun. !

She did manage to get a copy of his death certificate and took a few pictures of the convent. It looks like a lovely place. No one there is still working that knew him. Even the next of kin on the certificate has passed away. Well it wasn’t all in vain. She did find out where he lived and when he died. Part of the mystery of Uncle Vincent is solved. We now have addresses of people who were his contacts so perhaps we can write them and find out a little more of the rogue uncle who left his family in England when he was  16 years of age.

Jessica’s fundraising tour continues.

Jessica’s fundraising tour Continues

We have been hearing little stories from Jessica about her adventure in Australia. She has made some great contacts and awareness for her school and hostel in Varanasi, India. She has been in Byron Bay and says it is absolutely beautiful. Swam in the ocean there too. I was asking her about the sharks and she says they are quite a way out in the ocean, so she felt safe swimming there. The venue in Byron Bay was a small bar where she sang and told her story of how the school began. She is now in Perth doing the same thing again. When she does these fundraisers, she plays her ukulele and sings so it is all very entertaining.

While she is there in Perth she is looking for a grave of a great uncle Vincent. He came to Canada in 1974 before Jessica was actually born and that was his reason for his trip. He waited for her arrival, but she was late. He passed away about a year after his return to Perth. While living in Perth he resided in a home “The Little Sisters’ of the Poor” So this is why she is also looking for the site. Jessica is the family ambassador.

While she was in Melbourne her first stop on the Australia journey to attempted to locate a son of a dear friend of her grand father. Bob Sherwin. She tried but putting out a few feelers on Facebook but there was no luck there.

The actual mission for her trip has actually been quite successful. She has met several friends that have come to visit the school and hostel in Varanasi and also has made a good contribution to the fund for the operation of the school. She feels she has spread the word and perhaps she will do this same trip again next year.

An Epic Journey to Iceland

Akureyi Pictures.

 This is at the airport This is the Santa Claus or Christmas year round attraction.

Our Quick trip to Akureyi.

This was an unplanned little venture to Iceland. Our younger daughter sent us an email while we were in Spain and thought we might like to just pop over to see her and our granddaughter in Akureyi for a few days. We thought oh why not we are retired no ties or commitments at present. So we did it we made reservations to fly out on the Sunday the 11th and it was cancelled several times that day and we even went to the airport for a nine o’clock departure and it was cancelled so we had to stay in a hotel . Karen and Emilio insisted we stay back in the Alicante house, so we did and so glad we did. We finally got out on the Monday night but had to stay over in Keflavik and then all day in Reykjavik domestic airport waiting for the best time to take off. We finally made it to Akureyi at 6.30pm greeted by our lovely daughter and granddaughter. Isis came running down the arrivals path to greet us.

We had a great time and saw many things. We were mostly there to visit Karen and Isis and Emilio came a few days later.

I am including here some wonderful photos of our experience.

Akureyi is a lovely little city with so much to offer for young and old. there are sports and activities all year long. Isis is in figure skating and football. The hot springs are everywhere so we went into the hot tubs several times. All the swimming pools in Iceland are out doors well atleast the ones in the north part of the island. Look forward to our next visit.

The theatre for drama and teaching.

 I tried to get a better picture of the stop lights. the red lights are all in the shape of a heart.

The trolls in Iceland

northern lights we saw them from the balcony of karen’s house.

The hot pools and cold pools open air

yes there was snow but not as much and it wasn’t as cold as many places in Canada. 8 degrees above zero some days.Just a map to show you where we were from Reykjavik .

It was a lovely visit glad to be back in Spain where it is much warmer .Miss the family though.


Trip to Australia Jessica’s Journey continues.

Trip to Australia Jessica’s Journey continues


I have been in contact with Jessica and she says she has had a great trip thus far. She will head to the west coast of Australia soon but first she fly’s to Byron Bay about a two hour plane ride away from Melbourne.  She has been visiting with a dear friend Jodi who also helps with the school in India, and also three friends whom she knew from Taiwan when she first left home to teach English.

She said the first fundraiser went very well. It took place in a lovely little coffee shop in the suburbs of Melbourne.,Fitzroy area.

She hasn’t said how much they made but it was good and it all goes to the school. She said there was a raffle. The afternoon started with a Celtic band and I wish I knew how to transfer it from the messenger. She is a phenomenal singer and the Celtic band was great too. As soon as I discover how I will put it here to. She told her story of the school and also played her ukulele and sang a few songs.

Today we connected while she was walking on the beach in Melbourne. She says it was absolutely beautiful it could be Canada, the west coast except it was 30 degrees.  The area is very multicultural, and the people are very friendly.

She says the cost of everything is very high though. To go to a movie, it was about 25 dollars Aussie for one person, so she chooses not to buy popcorn. That was the one reason we would go to the theatre years ago.

I will keep you informed of the rest of her journey as she tells me more.



Another fundraising tour.

Another fundraising tour.

This little blog story is about one of my amazing daughters. This is about my daughter Jessica who is on route as I write this to Australia to meet up with some long-time friends she had met and worked with in Taiwan and also in Varanasi India where she spends most of her life. She is planning to fundraise for the Jeevan School in Varanasi. She had been on a fundraising tour last year where she took in most of British Columbia, and then went over to Europe and stopped off in Iceland to visit our other amazing daughter Karen who lives there now with her daughter. She later went to China and did a tour there. She did very well for the school. She has a routine of telling the story of the school and it inception and then plays some songs on her ukulele and sings.

I will keep you informed of her progress as she starts on this journey. Her first stop is Melbourne.

I include this picture of Jessica with her grandmother since she thinks the world of her. Every time she leaves Vancouver she thinks it is the last time she will she grandma, but Grandma always says ” Jessica I will be right here when you return.”  Grandma turns 90 on Monday, January 29th so it is very exciting.

Duplicate Bridge in Puente don Manuel.

Puente Don Manuel  – Malaga

Since coming to Colmenar for the winter we had tried to locate some people who would play bridge with us.  We had someone who played bridge with us two years ago when we were here but now she was not available so I decided to advertise in FaceBook. It was only a matter of two days maybe that a lovely lady responded to my plea. She said she plays in a town called Puente don Manuel every Tuesday. It was only a short google search away. We haven’t been having much success with google lately but thought we would try again. We headed out very early and had to ask quite a few people and most locals have no idea what we were talking about BRIDGE. We did manage to find the location and when we walked into the room it was going to be duplicate bridge. I had played a few times but my husband had never done. It turned out it was lots of fun. We did not have great scores, but we met some wonderful people most of whom were from England a few from Scotland and one from the Netherlands and another from Switzerland.

We had to travel to Puente don Manuel 26 km from our town of Colmenar.

Puente Don Manuel is a hamlet in the municipality of Alcaucín in the province of Málaga in the autonomous community of Andalusia in southern Spain. The hamlet has English shops because a lot of English immigrants live in this region.

One startling fact, we found a grocery store that had products that could only be found in Canada or Britain. And I found my  PEANUT BUTTER.  I had planned to ask my dear friend to bring some with her when she came over in Mid March. What a wonderful day. We plan to go back next Tuesday again.