Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

 How is that?  Yes every morning it is possible to have fresh squeezed orange juice and the oranges are picked right off the trees in the CAMPOS  just a mile up the hill from our house here in Colmenar.

And now you ask what is a Campo. Well a campo is a place or small farmland in the hills all around the small towns here in Spain. Many people have a home in the town also a small place on the campo where they have gardens and some have goats too. A neighbour two door up from us here has a sweet little place here and they usually sleep in the campo. They are always bringing us oranges and lemons and tomatoes and lettuce from their gardens. We have been very blessed with how generous everyone has been.

Not only can you get oranges from the campo but when you go walking in the town there are many trees laden with oranges and limons too. So some people have been know to pick them right from the trees in the streets. So this morning we had fresh squeezed orange juice oh so good.

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