3 Things You should Look for to Find the Ideal Vacation Home.

3 Things You Should Look for to Find the Ideal Vacation Home

When you consider purchasing a vacation home, you need to know what to look for in order to choose the ideal property. After all, this likely will be the home that your family flocks to for holidays and vacations and the home you ultimately retire to, and you want a home that suits all of those needs. From choosing the best location to knowing what to look for in a floor plan, our guide has you covered.

1. Location, Location, Location

You know better than anyone where you enjoy vacationing the most. Even though you probably want to buy a vacation home that your whole family will enjoy, you are the one who will foot the bill and who will spend the most time there, so make sure you choose the location that is best

suited to your interests and needs. For example, if you hate being cold or have difficulty driving in snow, you should avoid a vacation home in Colorado or New England and look for one on the Alabama Gulf Coast.

Why Alabama? It’s an ideal retirement location because of its incredible weather and mild winters. Alabama also boasts rivers, white sands, mountains, and canyons. It’s the diversity of Alabama’s terrain that makes it picturesque and interesting while providing you with opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

2. Pick a Floor Plan that Accommodates All Ages

Even if retirement still is a few years away for you, make sure you carefully study the floor plans of the vacation homes on your short list. If you have a large family and want them to visit often, look for a home with an open floor plan that allows movement and won’t make people feel boxed in. It’s easier to put air mattresses in open spaces, too. Vacation homes with plenty of storage, bathrooms, and kitchen space are ideal.

You also should look for homes that will be accessible as you age. If you want to retire to this vacation home, make sure that it will enable you to age in place with a single-level design that will give you wheelchair access throughout, especially in bathrooms. Homes with multi-level counters and lower sinks and bright spaces with lots of natural or functional lighting are ideal for people of all ages as well.

3. Choose a Home that Appeals to Vacationers

If you are concerned about paying for your vacation home, either because you want to save more for retirement or because you are worried about being on a fixed income when you enter retirement, find a vacation home that will appeal to renters. When you rent the home to vacationers while you aren’t using it, the additional income will help you pay the mortgage or serve as supplemental income.

Features that appeal to renters often are the same features that make the home appropriate for you to retire to later in life: an open floor plan, a spacious kitchen, and lots of storage. An eat-in kitchen or island in addition to a dining room will make your home appealing to potential renters, as will an extra powder room or larger bathroom.

Fortunately, if you find a home that does not have an extra powder room or bathroom, these home improvements are affordable and deliver a high return on investment. In fact, you will recoup the expense to add a new bathroom because the home will appeal to renters want extra bathrooms.
If you add a bathroom to the main level of the home, you also will make it easier to retire there; you won’t have to climb stairs to a second-story bathroom. Similarly, if you make the additional bathroom a three-quarter or full bath, include a walk-in or roll-in shower because features like these will make your vacation home more appealing to a wider pool of renters and make the home more accessible to you as you age.

To make your vacation home the best possible purchase, carefully choose the location, pick one with a floor plan that will accommodate all ages, and choose a home that will appeal to vacationers to supplement your income or help you cover the mortgage costs.

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