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Who remembers the Beachcombers?

The Beachcombers followed the life of Nick Adonidas, played by Bruno Gerussi, a Greek Canadian log salvager in British Columbia, who earned a living traveling the coastline northwest of Vancouver with his partner Jesse Jim played by Pat John aboard their logging tug Persephone tracking down logs that had broken away from barges and logging booms. It was filmed in the coastal town of Gibsons located in southwestern British Columbia on the Strait of Georgia. Gibsons is the main marine gateway to the Sunshine Coast. It is on the mainland but is not accessible by road. Vehicle access is by British Columbia Ferry.
The series also focused on a supporting cast of characters in Nick’s hometown of Gibsons, often centering around a café, Molly’s Reach, run by Molly (Rae Brown), another figure to virtually all the characters in the series. Including Relic who was Nick’s main business opposition played by a somewhat unsavory person who would occasionally go to great lengths to steal business (and logs) away from Nick.

The town is also accessible by water, by float plane to the harbor or by small aircraft to Sechelt Airport, approximately 20 km. northwest of Gibsons. The Storefront Molly’s Reach, now a café, the restored tug Persephone and a display about the series at the Sunshine Coast Museum and Archives are a popular Gibsons attractions. Other movies that have used Gibsons as a filming location include Charlie St. Cloud (2010), Starring Kim Basinger and Zac Efron(as a stand-in for Marblehead, Massachusetts) and Needful Things (1993) starring Max von Sydow and Ed Harris.
Gibsons is definitely a great vacation destination and place of interest in this great province of British Columbia.

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