Madrid adventure



We arrived in the beautiful city of Madrid on Monday after a  three hour train trip from Malaga. When we arrived we were bombarded with crowds of people rushing in several directions and we had to transfer from the train to the Metro station. I of course had to stop at the ladies room . When doing so I had to pull out my wallet and find 60 cents I put my wallet back but I didn’t zip it shut which I found out later. We were headed for the exit to the street to meet the host of our suite when for whatever reason I checked my purse for my wallet.and when I reached it the purse was empty my wallet was gone. All myide tification and all my credit cards were gone. I am usually so careful but not this time. I was in total shock. So all I wanted to do now was to get to our air B and B and connect to internet and call all the credit card companies. I was in shock. So much so my face flared up in a bright red colour. Fortunately none of the cards had been used. We headed out for supper right afterwards.

When wereturned we got ready for bed and frank was a little like Goldilocks trying out the beds. He laid on his bed and it immediately collapsed.he was afraid he had injured his hip. He got up and we thot we fixed the beD he again got on the bed and it collapsed again but my feet were underneath. I let out a blood curdling scream.he wasn’t moving fast enough. Both feet swelled up like a balloon . Broketheskin on one foot. So I can not put my hiking boots on we are going try only one and maybe two days

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