The City of Venice is Sinking.

The City of Venice is sinking slowly


It was about 28 years ago my husband and I took our girls on a whirlwind trip of Europe and we did this with a bus tour for the first three weeks. Cosmos bus tours.  It was an absolutely amazing trip. The girls were 13 and 10 years and we all had such a great time. We started in Scotland and were there for a week then headed down to Dover where we boarded a ferry to Calais and then got on a bus to start our three week tour.

One of the cities we visited on the tour was Venice , Italy and in order to get to Venice you had to take a walk on ferry ride.  Before getting on the ferry to Venice my girls told me that the Italian men were famous for trying to pinch the ladies bottoms. I said no way . Well you can surely guess what happened now. I was just stepping up onto the ferry and I felt a twinge or a pinch of my bottom. I was trying to be ever so discreet and the girls said oh no way mom who would do that. So It wasn’t until about ten years later that my oldest daughter reminded me of the incident and of course I remembered the time. She said, Well mom I pinched your butt. I said ,no way then we broke into wails of laughter because all these years I had thought it was one of the Italian men who helped me on to the ferry.

Now that is not my only memory of Venice we wandered about the square outside St. Michael’s cathedral and fed the pigeon and then   we went into the church, and in order to enter we had to step over quite large puddle. This was because the city is sinking. It is much more severe now but it has still not sang.

We didn’t ride the Gondola’s we just watched others from above on the crescent shaped bridges.

I guess the thing that keeps Venice in my memory mostly is the fact that I was pinched on my bottom.!

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